Stuffy Noses & Leg Burns

It's currently 2:46 AM. I am awake because my poor foster dog, Champ, has kennel cough, an extremely runny and stuffy nose, and a killer sneeze. 

I am also suffering...not from a cold but from a 2nd degree burn I got from my garment steamer. I didn't have a humidifier so I got my garment steamer to act as one for Champ. I put the head of the steamer on the ground so it could reach Hank's nose, and when I went to go pick it up, hot boiling water poured over my leg. 

My leg looks pathetic. I have watery blisters and burnt skin and it is painful. 

So here I am at 2:50 AM-sitting in the living room with Champ because the air is better upstairs for his nose. I found some lavender oil and applied it on my burn. 

So here we are sitting together in the middle of the night smelling like we just walked through a garden full of flowers and plants. 

& that's our story-please pray that we get some sleep tonight.