I've been having a lot of internal struggles lately and I'm just going to go ahead and ramble here and I'm not going to care about grammar-I'm just going to go ahead and just type, type, type...

Okay so life for me and I'm sure for a lot of other actors, hosts, singers, etc., it looks something like this:

& it's been a lot of "what's the point?", and "are you good enough?" and "are you a basic bitch?" and the answer to all of this is "there's a reason you did this, yes, you are good enough, and yeah you're kind of basic in some ways and non-basic in other ways."

There are two ways I know I can handle these feelings of doom and moments of stress:

  1. Let it completely ruin your day and your life. 

I've been way too busy doing choice #1 to realize there was a #2 but this past week was really rough on me mentally that I can't make this week feel like last week cause it was shitty.

So here's to my Sunday night mentally and emotionally preparing for this week of not knowing where my career is going or if I'm doing enough because f it, stressing about this all is making me not enjoy the damn sun, or really good espresso, or the fact that my foster dog Champ is the best, or that Hank is doing well with his treatment, or that Scott is the best, or that my family & friends are great, or that I've been sticking to yoga. We gotta always remember what's good in life and things were grateful for cause it could always be horse. So here's to this week-I will win & I will rise up.

we will win & we will rise...

high into the sky........................